Monday, May 30, 2011

Rhymes with Shmanama

This is WILL BOLAND, Im writing under this blog because for some reason I cannot create my own that will allow me to contribute to the CON blog.

Our time in the clinic has been interesting, educational, and sometimes uneventful. I like to see the differences in how the ¨system¨ works. They run their clinics relatively the same as America. They state why theyre here then are treated according to priority, and transferred if the level of care is beyond the scope of the facility. The Panamanians do have limited resources so they do things like spray cotton swabs with alcohol or use gloves as tourniquets. However with few resources, I would think they would be more careful in how they use them, and take better care of their equipment.

The Nursing students here have much more hands on task-oriented practice than most of us do. They also have different techniques of performing those tasks. They rarely start IVs in the AC, they prefer the hand. This is a basic rule, that nobody really goes by in America, because you can infuse fluid in the distal to an already punctured vein. I explained (or tried to) to one of the nurses that we mostly start in the AC because it hurts less and its easier.

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