Wednesday, May 25, 2011

First Clinical Experience

I am enjoying every moment being surrounded by a culture that lives to work instead of work to live. Americans hussle and bussle and expect things right then and there, where as of here they are relaxed, calm, and flexible. The people are a part of the land and beauty. The women gracefully walk in their bright, handmade sun-dresses, and the children play politely in the streets as wild dogs stroll around.
My first day at clinicals I got to watch Catalina (nurse technician) give immunizations to children, men, and women. I was very surprised that one mother allowed me to hold her beautiful boy, Sergio. The Chiriqui people are very protective of their children because they want to preserve their culture. Many women have about twelve children and only about six survive. Early that morning we were told by one of the technicians that the doctor was not going to be there, but Iro Muntazuma showed up surprisingly by helicopter. Under his supervision I performed my first PAP smear. Establishing rapport will get you very far no matter what culture you interact with. Another reason the doctor allowed me to perform this procedure was because I was prepared. The lamp by the rusted stirrups for the patient´s table wasn´t working, but I had my light pen. Dr. Muntazuma could speak some English, so I was able to ask a few questions. I found out that the glass smears for the PAPs take two months to get the results. I am learning so much! There is a storm right now so I will post again soon!

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