Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ohhh Panamaaa!

Hola! I´m sitting in what may be the slowest internet cafe in existance, it took 25 minutes to load this website.. ¡Ay, caramba!

Today is day 5 and our first day in the clinics. I´m assigned to a clinic in Salloy and shadowed a doctor. Despite the fact that we could only communicate through a combination of what little spanish Kaleigh and I know and hand gestures, I really learned a lot. We measured pregnant women´s abdomens and determined their approximate due date. One woman was going into labor and possibly with twins but unfortunately our time was up well before she was ready to deliver. We went to a nearby school afterwards and took pictures with all the kids. It almost felt like we were an attraction at a zoo, the kids couldn´t stop staring at us and thought we were ¨doctoras¨ because of our stethoscopes. I can´t wait to go back and spend more time with the kids.

It´s raining which I´m beginning to realize is a common afternoon occurence here but during the day it is HOT which makes wearing long pants and a thick polo almost unbearable. The food has not been as bad as I imagined although the fact that I don´t like rice isn´t very convenient in this country since it is a huge staple in panamanians´ diet and included in every meal other than breakfast. My hour is up but I´ll include more details later. ADIOS!

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