Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Post 2

This week we did work in the clinics at the local Comarca. My group was assigned to the Alto Cabellero district, which was an hours drive from where we stayed. I got the opportunity to learn and experience a lot of new skills including suturing, and baby delivery. My only complaint was the lagging drive to and from the district we had to make everyday.
We also spent a large amount of time at the local K-6 school teaching the local children about hand washing, teeth brushing and recycling. It was a very nice experience and this kids were awesome. I really enjoyed participating in the soccer games that occurred on the playground at the end of each school day.
In comparing the education system we witnessed in the Comarca, to the one I experienced growing up in the U.S, there were vast differences. Here in Panama, school is free as long as you have a form of transportation to get there, where as in the U.S that is not the case. Also, the facilities present here are not on level with even the poorest of schools back home. Lastly, the standards of education here are far below that of the U.S.

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