Friday, June 10, 2011

Dr. Best Friend - leading Friendologist of Amrrica

This is Will Boland, I cannot create my own account for some reason.

In Boquete we had a needed break from clinical activities. First we went to some orphanages and a home for boys. At the orphanage most of the kids were under 12 years old. They loved gettin held in the air so they can touch the ceiling or spun around. This is the same kind of playing I used to do with my little brothers. I dont think they get that kind of playing around often since theyre all so young and the people that work there already do so much for them. It was nice to go there and maybe make that day the best day of their week.

Many of us chose to climb the Volcano (what volcano?). This sounded like a great idea with the promise of a panoramic view of the pacific and atlantic oceans at the top. About 45mins into it....I realized this was Not a great idea. It wasnt bad going up, except for the breaks and communication. Going down the mountain I felt like I was gonna throw up and it was raining the entire way, jumping over streams and slipping on rocks. Oh, and at the top all we saw was clouds, yaaaay. My BF got headaches from concentrating on which rocks to step on next. It was fun looking back at it now though, as are all things that suck while youre actually doing them. I can say I climbed a Volcano and the highest mountain in Panama, and so can many of my fellow nursing students.

We are now at COK and the trip is ending. It wasnt exactly what I expected, but it was fun and educational for sure, and that was the goal. Weve been in class with people for about an entire year, but dont realy talk to them. In 3 weeks Ive gotten to know more people outside of my clinical group than I did in an entire year. I still know very little spanish, but I feel like my vocabulary has expanded 10times. Ive learned about a country I knew very little about. Ive learned about a people I never even knew existed (Ngobe). Ive given an IV to a baby for the first time, and seen a baby born. Now its time to go home, and back to normal life and hot showers!

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  1. Nice. So true about looking back and all of it really.