Sunday, June 5, 2011

First IM Injection 05-27-11

Today was awesome because the nurse was finally here at Hato Juli to monitor our team to administer IM injections. It was the first time for the majority of us. I was nervous, but I felt more at ease giving an IM injection here than I would have back in the states. The people here tolerate pain very well and are compliant with their free, annual immunizations. I gave the injection in the left arm of an adult patient. I was so surprised to find out that the needle went through like butter and not like the punch pads back home in the USF nursing lab. Afterwards the patient smiled and thanked me. Some patients smiled and chuckled at us for being nervous and taking pictures. As the day went on I became more comfortable and went from slight shaking to no shaking. It was like riding a bicycle. Towards the end of the day it was my turn to inject a child. On the child they administer Influenza on the vastus lateralis from infant to two years-old. I was nervous slightly because most of the children cry and they are so tiny and precious. Again, everything went smooth and the indigenous people trusted us with there children. I am thankful that they allowed us to practice our skills even though the majority of us could not speak their language fluently and the fact that we are just students. The Camarca must think we are the crazy "Gringos" and "Gringas". I definetly feel like we are making a difference, but they are teaching and making more of a difference in ourselves. For instance, I appreciate water more than I have ever before. Things we take for granted!

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